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I’m sure you’ve heard of DIY but maybe not DFY. DFY just means Done For You.

We rely on other service providers all the time. No one wants to fix their own flat tyre. You may have to put the spare on but theres no way your going to lever off the old tyre and fit and repair the puncture or even replace the tyre completely.

The same is true when your car needs a valet. You could grab a bucket & sponge and the vacuum cleaner but its easier to pay some one.

But when it comes to something less tangible such as getting a website people are often reluctant to spend money.  We’ll spend hours learning about the technology, looking at Youtube videos or reading internet articles.   Maybe even ask the guy down the pub.  But it’s OK its not costing you anything!

However there is a cost to everything in business.

The time you spend working on the website is time you’re not spending with family or indulging your hobby or even just vegging out in front of the TV.  Play is as important as work.

In business its important to know your numbers, one of the most important is your hourly rate.  So think of how many hours your website will take for you to complete, or has taken so far, then multiply by your hourly rate.

I think you’ll be surprised how much your website has cost.  Probably a lot more than paying a professional.

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